Rumana Husain

Rumana Husain graduated from CIAC, Karachi. She has taught art (KGS, IVSAA), been an innovative school-head (CAS School 1986-1996), educational consultant, writer, illustrator, and free-lance contributor to English newspapers and magazines. She has written and / or illustrated over 60 children’s books for the Bookgroup, which she co-founded, and also for Oxford University Press, Danesh Publications and ERDC. She co-founded the now defunct ‘NuktaArt’ magazine, and was its Senior Editor. An AICA Member since 2006, she is well-known as the author of a coffee-table book, ‘Karachiwala – a Subcontinent within a City,’ about Karachi’s diverse communities. She is also the author of another book, ‘Street Smart: Professionals on the Street.’

  • Name : Rumana Husain
  • Date of Birth : N / A

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