Abdullah M. I. Syed
Abdullah M. I. Syed

Abdullah M. I. Syed is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and scholar who champions the power of storytelling from a cross-cultural perspective. Syed’s work spans drawing, sculpture, video installations, photography, performance, text art and public art commissions.

Syed’s Pakistani Muslim heritage, wide-ranging research interests focusing on arts and crafts, materiality, spirituality, nature, abstraction and the influences of his everyday experiences – lived outside and inside a diasporic space – all coalesce to create emphatic art forms of poetic resistance, which the artist terms manzoom muzahamat. His ongoing research highlights the economics of consumption, identity and power structures, belonging and home and shared human history.

  • Name : Abdullah M. I. Syed
  • Date of Birth : 23-12-1974
  1. Moran Photography Prize (2014)
  2. The Blake Prize (2013 and 2016)
  3. The façade of Warwick Farm’s Commuter Car Park (2022)

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