Abid Hasan
Abid Hasan

For Abid Hasan, art is a truly high-finished way to live life. “Each of our acts count on arts and our customs, traditions and all cultures build upon art. A society without art becomes barbaric and an atrocity.” To him, art is a softer side of life.

Hasan is an abstract artist. In his work he juxtaposes art and science to enhance his art. Working with chemicals on silver and gold surfaces, unexpected results allow him to produce unique, spontaneous and instinctive works. Building layer upon layer, balancing colours, tones, depth and motion, similar to creating a harmony.

At first, he has scattered shapes, ideas, lines and textures; each piece evolves slowly, sometimes taking months, which undergoes his process of painting and the result is similar to a finished jigsaw.

Hasan’s work emancipates his imagination and provides many opportunities to create precious art pieces.

  • Name : Abid Hasan
  • Date of Birth : 28-09-1970

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