Ayessha Quraishi
Ayessha Quraishi

Ayessha Quraishi is a self-taught painter based in Karachi. Having received her initial art training from Karachi-based educator Nayyar Jamil, she has been working for over three decades to develop her signature technique and visual language. Her practice extends across various media, sculpture, video and installation, exploring the theme of impermanence.

A prominent artist, Quraishi’s work has been displayed locally and internationally. More recently, she received the ADA Award 2021 for her project Sky Frames. In 2020, Koel Gallery presented Quraishi’s mid-career retrospective Between Light in Karachi, featuring works spanning thirty-five years (1985-2020). Accompanying the mid-career retrospective, a comprehensive monograph was published in February 2020. Her works are a part of collections by national and international collectors, and the Rangoonwala Foundation UK.

  • Name : Ayessha Quraishi
  • Date of Birth : 28-10-1970
  1. Finalist | The 2022 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, 2022
  2. British Council Go Digital: Pakistan - Wales | PK UK 2022 New Perspectives, Grantee, 2022
  3. Patakha Pictures - Stories From Southern Pakistan, Grantee, 2023

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