Haider Ali
Haider Ali

Haider Ali is internationally known for his work as a truck artist. He first gained international attention in 2002 when he worked on the first authentic Pakistani truck in North America for the Smithsonian. Since then he has exhibited at museums and institutions globally. His extensive work includes murals, structures, benches, and trucks in the distinctive truck art style of Pakistan, and has been displayed nationally and internationally including in USA, UK and India.

Ali is also the founder of Phool Patti, an organization that promotes truck artists from Pakistan across the world. Phool Patti means “flowers and leaves” and is a term Pakistani artists working in this genre use to describe this distinctive art. One of his aims is to train young artists to continue his legacy.

Ali learnt this art form from his father Mohammad Sardar, also an accomplished truck artist. However now his work is a blend of his own set of visual vocabulary with imagery and motifs with those typical of truck art. Ali has painted many famous Pakistani political and cultural figures, which often appear on the rear of trucks. He believes that love is at the core of the art according to him, truck art is to Pakistan what Bollywood is to India.

Ali has also conducted workshops at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

  • Name : Haider Ali
  • Date of Birth : 1982

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