Muhammad Rustam
Muhammad Rustam

Born in Mirpurkhas in 1952, Muhammad Rustam Khan is largely a self-taught artist who achieved recognition through his extraordinary work. Rustam is a natural, God gifted artist without any formal training from any art institute.

Rustam is mainly interested in portraits and realistic work, however, he has worked in almost all fields of art, including murals, mosaics, and even 3D models.

Well known for his portraits and still life, and for an extraordinary attention to the finest details in his paintings, he consequently received a commission to make a mask portraying the burnt face of a woman, for the first Pakistani Oscar award winning documentary “Saving Face,” directed and produced by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

The styles of this exceptional untutored artist range widely from portrait to landscapes and still life, using almost all forms of media. He has also made building models and carved sculptures.

  • Name : Muhammad Rustam
  • Date of Birth : 08-10-1952

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