Noorjehan Bilgrami
Noorjehan Bilgrami

Noor Jehan Bilgrami is a multi-disciplinary artist and a practising curator. She is grounded in the traditional crafts of Pakistan and her atelier Koel spearheaded the revival of handloom weaving, hand block printing, and the use of natural dyes. Gallery Koel has provided a vibrant platform for new and emerging artists, and Noorjehan has curated numerous exhibitions for the gallery.

Her own art practice is meditative, exploring issues of inner reflection through a vocabulary that is intensely personal, while it touches upon universal themes.

She has held numerous solo shows and participated in exhibitions in Pakistan, in the USA, Australia, Korea, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and India. She was the artist in residence at the Cicada Press, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, in 2015 and in 2017 at the Islamic Museum of Art, Design and Culture, Shangrila, Doris Duke Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. At the culmination of the residency, her solo exhibition, ‘Under the Molsri Tree,’ was held at the Islamic Gallery, Honolulu Museum of Art.

  • Name : Noorjehan Bilgrami
  • Date of Birth : 27-03-1950
  1. Titanium Award – Top 50 Global Inspiration Women, Dubai (December 2021)
  2. HUM Women Leaders Awards , Awarded by HUM TV Network President, Sultana Siddiqui (February 2022)
  3. Leaders at LUMS (May 2022)
  4. ADA Awards – In the disciplines of Architecture, Design & Art 2022-23 For Pakistan Pavilion, Expo Dubai 2020 (February 2023)
  5. Tamgha -e- Imtiaz (Medal of Excellence) March 2023

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