Noorjehan Bilgrami
Noorjehan Bilgrami

“My art practice’s essence is a search for Silence – within me.

I usually work within the confines of a grid, using geometry as a guiding principle. The grid acts as an anchor for my work, which expands like the sacred square of Islamic geometry. It is further embedded with Zen aesthetics.

Private mappings of treasured personal archival, photographic references, architectural and landscape markings help unravel layers of my early life.

Paper responds to my inner sensibilities…it is malleable and has the absorbing qualities that allow me to incise fine lines meticulously, again and again, the repetitive movement becomes symbolic of the rhythmic, meditative repetition of weavers, potters and unknown crafts-persons working within a similar milieau.

I have studied in depth the fabled, magical dye of indigoferratinctoria, the natural indigo, and it is an integral part of my art practice. I try to explore the subtle nuances of the indigo dye by applying many layered washes that gradually build to the deep intensity of haunting blue-black.”

  • Name : Noorjehan Bilgrami
  • Date of Birth : 27-03-1950

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