Rizwan Ali
Rizwan Ali

Rizwan Ali Umrani is a visual artist who draws inspiration from love, and love for his mother is not personal but has become universal and Impersonal. He creates out of nothingness but unconsciously following the same line as French surrealist painters have added to the history of art. The recurring theme of his art is surrealism, and beyond reality & commonsense paintings have an elevating effect.

  • Name : Rizwan Ali
  • Date of Birth : 12 February, 1938
  1. 2005 awarded with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” in Fine Art organized by Mohabat Ali Buro.
  2. 1993 Won 1st Prize in a Painting competition Organized by Shahnawaz Bhutto Memorial Larkana.
  3. 1962 Government degree college convocation ceremony had awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award”,2000 Historical society of Larkana had awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award” For contribution in Fine Art

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