Sana Nezam
Sana Nezam

“Life can be harsh. It brings us a fair share of heartaches, disappointments and the truth is, none of it is pretty. As a society we are focused on seeing women as fragile beauties and appreciate all that is easy on the eye and view them just on the surface.

Women endure much more than what they’re given credit for.

A woman’s nature is to nurture with a heart full of love and to protect those dear to them with a fierce instinct. Often putting down her own needs in the background and willingly embracing the life of a wallflower.

Wearing her vulnerabilities, open to allowing the light through all the cracks and letting her real self be seen.

Scratch beyond the surface, when living a woman, for her unfiltered life is where blooms the prettiest flowers you’ll ever see.”

  • Name : Sana Nezam
  • Date of Birth : 08-05-1986

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