Syed Ali Abrar
Syed Ali Abrar

Abrar lives in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, which has its opportunities as well as its problems.

Before completing his Masters from NCA Lahore, he used to make city scapes, his concerns were his surroundings. After his M.A. he changed his surface canvas to walls. He used the city’s walls to paint, the purpose being to beautify them.

Then he noticed that it was not only the walls that needed to be beautified. Another thing that needed to be beautified were containers. Containers are spread out in the entire city of Karachi, to protect certain restricted areas and people are affected by this – so he painted one of them. His street art painting continues.

Now his plan is to paint Kacchra kundis (garbage bins) which he has found all over the city. As he says “why not make them meaningful and give people a chance to think?”

  • Name : Syed Ali Abrar
  • Date of Birth : 01-08-1970

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