ArtNow Pakistan
ArtNow Pakistan


ArtNow Pakistan is an online monthly publication offering critical insight into the art of Pakistan featuring essays, profiles, reviews, events, art news and updates from around the world.

The magazine is a resource for understanding, appreciating and analysing contemporary Pakistani art, both within the country and its diaspora. Through the magazine, readers are able to contextualise Pakistani art within the global framework.

ArtNow Pakistan reflects and documents the zeitgeist of Pakistan viewed through the lens of contemporaneity, engages with artists and their praxes and establishes a forum for theoretical debate within Pakistan and abroad. It offer insights and critical perspectives on the evolving state of contemporary art, investigating ideas and trepidations addressed by visual artists across disciplines and mediums.

  • Name : ArtNow Pakistan
  • Publisher : Fawzia Naqvi
  • Publication Year of Launch : 2011
  • Nature of Publication : Online

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