The Hybrid is a thematic periodical of trans disciplinary nature focusing primarily on those practices and researches that are interested in the application of any combination of art, design, architectural, and related genres, to issues of critical, cultural, political, and educational significance, inclusion, and social justice.

It emphasizes praxis by providing a forum for research into the creative practices that exist within urban, academic, developmental, and other milieus, especially in the national and regional contexts of Pakistan and South Asia. The Hybrid offers a platform for disseminating both completed as well as in-progress research, both established academic/practitioners’ and students’ research projects, as well as interview, photo essay, and portfolio sections. Its objective is to bring new and multiple perspectives, grounded in Pakistan and the region, to a local, regional and international audience, and to further pertinent debates.

Hybrid is a publication of Indus Valley School of Art And Architecture.

  • Name : Hybrid
  • Publisher : Indus Valley School of Art And Architecture
  • Publication Year of Launch : 2017
  • Nature of Publication : Print

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