Marjorie Husain
Marjorie Husain

Marjorie Husain is an integral part of the Pakistani art scene on several levels: artist, art critic, curator, writer and documenter, lecturer, a close friend of the art community, and a dedicated patron of Pakistani art. She has been a constant on the art scene for four decades. She has played a significant role in promoting Pakistan’s art and culture nationally and internationally. She has curated and organised art exhibitions around the world and her writings have been published in all the major newspapers and magazines of the country. She has also authored numerous books on art, including biographies of Pakistani Art Masters.

  • Name : Marjorie Husain
  • Date of Birth : N / A
  1. Art views: Encounters with Artists in Pakistan
  2. Aspects of Art: A Textbook for Students of Art
  3. Iqbal Hussain: The Painter of Imprisoned Souls

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