VM Library, Study Centre and Art Resource Centre
VM Library, Study Centre and Art Resource Centre


The VM Library and Study Centre is located within the precincts of the ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre.

The VM Library contains more than 7000 books in English, Urdu, and Gujrati, covering many subjects. The Reading Room is supplied with all well-known daily newspapers as well as weekly and monthly magazines. Books can be borrowed against depositing caution money.
Students of Medicine, Engineering, Accounts, Computer Services, Home Economics, Art and Crafts and various other subjects find it a suitable environment to prepare for their examinations. Others enjoy novels, magazines and newspapers. The library plays host to 36,000 visitors annually.

The study centre is a unique facility available to the students of Karachi, round the clock, where they can prepare for their exams in a calm, quiet and comfortable environment. Around 17,000 students avail this facility each year, free of charge.

The Art Resource Centre, located within the VM Art Gallery, is a space created specifically for publications on visual arts and culture; it is a non-circulating collection of books, exhibition catalogues, directories, journals and magazines, which are available for students, researchers and art enthusiasts. Access to the Art Resource Centre is through prior permission via calling or email. Walk-in visitors are not allowed.

  • Name : VM Library, Study Centre and Art Resource Centre
  • Established Since : 1971

  1. In 2016 internees from the Karachi School of Art worked along with Bushra Hussain to archive and organise the resources available at the Art Resource Centre.
  2. The Art Resource Centre also played host to the summer internship program of the Karachi Art Directory project in 2016 and 2017. Students used the premises and archives of the library and the Art Resource Centre to research artists and exhibitions profiled on KAD.

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