Baithak Khushnawisan
Baithak Khushnawisan

Calligraphers Club – Baithak Khushnawisan, was established in 2017, as an online group community by calligraphers Sajjad Khalid, Rashid Ali Sajjad, Farhan Ibrahim Farhan, Tanvir Shams and Zahir Hussain Syed as a critical group committed to the promotion and development of the art of calligraphy. The community includes master calligraphers and junior calligraphers from across Pakistan. Its activities include online tutorials by members, sharing of academic resources in the group and arranging various exhibitions and competitions of calligraphy.

  • Name : Baithak Khushnawisan
  • Established Since : 2017

  1. Online tutorials on Calligraphy
  2. National Exhibition of Quranic Manuscripts 8th June 2018, Upper Mall Road Lahore
  3. National Competition of Calligraphy 6th December 2018

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