Ambreen Hameed
Ambreen Hameed

Ambreen Hameed is a visual artist who graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVSAA), Karachi.

Investigating personal narratives, her work highlights a sense of reinventing the Self. It chronicles her Learning, Evolving and Growing journey while concurrently enjoying the infusion of all these getting stirred within. On the other hand, bearing the natural allegory in mind, she has experimented with a swirling fusion of hues in her meticulously crafted work. Owing to the exceptional modernity, the artist has integrated the essence of art with the fabrics and has taken her signature craft to delicate and flowy drapes, celebrating a unique genre of Wearable Art with her new Venture, “Lilac Hues.”

  • Name : Ambreen Hameed
  • Date of Birth : N /A
  1. Recipient of Gold Medal- World Mind Mapping Day Competition (UK).
  2. Recipient of Silver Medal in Pakistan Mind Mapping Championship.
  3. 4th Position in World Mind Mapping Championship.

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