Hanif Shahzad
Hanif Shahzad

Hanif Shahzad is a visual artist from Karachi. He graduated from the Karachi School of Art. His love for the subject is evident in the kind of work he creates, particularly towards the older neighborhoods of Karachi. He uses his skill as a painter to highlight his affection, as his strokes and colors are full of life and emotion. His works evoke a sweet nostalgia that can be felt when visiting the older precincts of the city. However, Hanif is also progressive in his approach as he wants to move ahead with time without compromising the city’s yesteryear glory.

Hanif Shahzad’s passion for art has led him to create beautiful works that capture the essence of the city of Karachi and its people.

  • Name : Hanif Shahzad
  • Date of Birth : 30-07-1959
  1. President’s Award for Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pakistan National Council of the Arts - National Art Gallery
  2. Won First prize in a KSA competition in 1986

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