Imrana Tanveer
Imrana Tanveer

Imrana Tanveer (b. 1985) is a London-based Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist. She holds degrees from the Textile Institute of Pakistan and the National College of Arts. She expresses the interweaving tensions between Contemporary Global issues and climatic concerns through her personalised utopic resolutions. However, the propagation of iconic images stares back at the viewer for a visually delighted manifesto. She lives and works in London in all her glorious avatars of being a Women Artist exploring the arts beyond the brackets of Visuals, Digital Media, Textiles, Video, Performance, and Installation.

  • Name : Imrana Tanveer
  • Date of Birth : 14-11-1985
  1. Sovereign Asian Art Prize Finalist, Auctioned work at Christie’s, Hong Kong, 2017
  2. Winner Artist of International Emerging Artist Award, Gallery Show Award at TAG Brussels, April, 2016
  3. Awarded Golden 10 Category of International Emerging Artist Award (IEAA) Sabrina Armani Gallery, Dubai, 2014

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