Moazzam Ali
Moazzam Ali

Moazzam Ali is a watercolor artist with a flair for distinctive portraiture and spellbinding landscapes. With an attentive eye for detail, his gestural strokes compose delightful textures of water, wood, grass, flesh, and fabric in a seemingly effortless approach so vital to a successful watercolor artist. Moazzam’s portraiture captures the inner essence of his subject, framed by beautiful, flowing garments that dissolve into the background towards the outer edges of the piece.

  • Name : Moazzam Ali
  • Date of Birth : 1956
  1. Watercolor Master Award - International Watercolor Biennale (2020)
  2. Honourable Juror Award - International Watercolor Society (2020)
  3. Lifetime achievement award - International Art Biennale (2018)

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