Muhammad Muzammil Khan
Muhammad Muzammil Khan

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Muhammad Muzammil Khan graduated with distinction from the prestigious National College of Arts, Lahore.

“As memories flashback and that which once was a whole structure, has now come down to bricks and stones” explains the essence of all of Muzammil’s paintings. When one’s attachment to a place/space suddenly has to go, it brings great grief and only memories are left behind. He documents those last moments from his memory of his home as he parts with it. He brings his imagination of memories to life through his paintings. “It is just like adding a soul to your memories and giving them life when you bring them on paper. With each stroke, each line, there is a notion of attachment. Each line plays its role in contributing to the whole image of memory. Making a mark on the solid canvas for the eyes to feast” continues Muzammil.

The attachment and love for the space which holds one’s precious memories hanging in the past, provides the basis for his art practice. In a way, he reconstructs the space which was once demolished. Making each brick one by one, creating the painting is itself an act of reconstruction.

Not only does layering add beauty and another dimension to his work, there is also a meaning to it. He talks about distance and spaces through this, and also through the levels of his memories, some are bold as they are fresh, while others are faded and slowly diminish.

Open doors and windows are shown as a sign of a space opening up to the unknown darkness, as a new entrance to another space. It invites the viewer to come and imagine, to explore. Muzammil’s colour palette mostly consists of browns and blues with a slight mixture of other colors. He uses various miniature techniques and enhances the quality of miniature art by working on every small detail.

  • Name : Muhammad Muzammil Khan
  • Date of Birth : 02-06-1986

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