Muhammad Muzammil Khan
Muhammad Muzammil Khan

Muhammad Muzammil Khan, born in 1987 in Karachi. He received his Bachelor in Fine Arts degree in miniature painting from the national college of Arts, Lahore, in 2016. The attachment and love for space and time, which holds one’s precious memories hanging in the past, provide the basis for his art practice. This journey and devotion of time sprung a few years back when the government demolished his house for a project. That incident left him with a flashback of memories of his house’s surroundings and space. In a way, he reconstructs the place which once was demolished. Making each brick one by one, creating the painting, is an act of reconstruction.

Khan works in miniature technique with a hyper-realistic approach, giving attention to every acute portion of the painting.

  • Name : Muhammad Muzammil Khan
  • Date of Birth : 02-06-1986
  1. ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross Pakistan. (2021)
  2. Haji Sharif Award from NCA. (2019)

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