Nusrat Iqbal
Nusrat Iqbal

Nusrat Iqbal is amongst the first few Pakistani truck artists who worked on truck art projects internationally. In 2006 he was approached by Wajid Ali to work on a project in Australia. The project ‘W11 — Karachi to Melbourne’ was coordinated by Durriya Kazi and Mick Douglas for the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and aimed to dismantle stereotypes of “Islamic terrorism” sustained by the international media.

Nusrat Iqbal then travelled to Australia along with Wajid Ali to decorate an Australian tram in W11 fashion. Photographs and films documenting the project were put on display at the V.M. Gallery, September 7 — 22, 2006.

Reminiscing about the project Nusrat Iqbal explains how the three month long project entailed intense work in Karachi followed by further work in Melbourne. He remembers how for him the successful execution of the project was a matter of ‘izzat’ (pride) as it meant representing the Pakistani name and craft at an international platform.

Nusrat Iqbal’s work ethic mantra, ‘wafadari’ with work has earned him many projects after the ‘W11’ project including rickshaws decorated with ‘chamakpatti’ truck art displayed in America and Dubai, a residential project in Dubai, and collaborations with celebrated Pakistani designer Rizwan Beg for his 2013 Truck Art collection for Men and Women showcased at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW). His recent work is part of the New Islamabad International Airport curated by Noorjehan Bilgrami and coordinated by Munawar Ali Syed.

  • Name : Nusrat Iqbal
  • Date of Birth : 1975

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