Qamar Bharoocha Bana
Qamar Bharoocha Bana

I walk the streets and alleyways of Karachi and where ever else my travels take me. By simply walking and observing ordinary daily experiences, I discover ‘khazanaz’ people, buildings, interiors, bazaars, birds and animals, textiles, art works and sometimes special celebrations and events. Also of interest are sea and sandscapes.

My photography is both narrative and documentary. My ‘moments’ are inspired by light, colour, form and emotional resonance. I self-limit the number of images I capture as a creative challenge. Black and white is my no.1 choice.

My foray into video making is comparatively recent and quite accidental. All videos to date are solo efforts. I love the absolute freedom this gives me.

  • Name : Qamar Bharoocha Bana
  • Date of Birth : N / A

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