Quratulain Qamar Choudry
Quratulain Qamar Choudry

Quratulain earned her bachelor’s degree from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in 2013 and has been working as a sculptor in Pakistan since then.

As a sculptor, her objective is to find infinite variation and inspiration within a common vocabulary of forms, which go unnoticed by an average person, and create dynamic and meaningful pieces.

Her work revolves around time because time has been her lifelong struggle; there’s always been a shortage of time. She feels that it may stop at some point, but time has never stopped and it never will. Not even for a second or a single heartbeat. Not even to experience completely or to understand what is happening around her. She has always felt that she depends so much on the visual that is the clock, the ticking away of the needle, the continuous sound of that ticking, the movement of gears; it makes her wonder if time is ticking away or is it just a mental illusion of her mind.

She believes that her work is an endeavour to break, reshape and reconstruct a clock, to explore if she can break free of the bounded restraints of time. At times, she feels her sculpture ceases to look like a clock and instead takes on the form of an unfamiliar object to the viewer. This process echoes her own personality where she attempts to break down and fragment larger ambitions into manageable goals and achievements.

  • Name : Quratulain Qamar Choudry
  • Date of Birth : 03-12-1990

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