Rabia Tahmina Ather Shoaib
Rabia Tahmina Ather Shoaib

Rabia is a visual artist. Although her major field of interest is painting, her ideas do not rely on painting alone, as the medium and material varies, depending on the need of expression. Therefore her art work goes back and forth from painting to installation to sculpture and further.

She enjoys experiencing cultural diversity and its impact on creativity, and believes that variety enhances the dynamics of work and leads to interesting directions.

She also believes that it is of vital importance to be thankful for the blessings we have, as it generates positive energy in oneself. “One can find the truth only by traveling within oneself. And when we find the ‘self’ we actually reach the truth. This finding uplifts the soul, the essence of life, the generator of positive energy.”

To Rabia,the importance of art lies not only in how you appropriate various systems of representation but also what you represent. The work has diversities in application and expression, but collectively it is focused to the single point of reaching eternity.

“Just as a flower, whose roots are in mud, rises through murky water to blossom clean and bright, the individual consciousness does the same.”

  • Name : Rabia Tahmina Ather Shoaib
  • Date of Birth : 13-04-1966

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