Raheela Abro
Raheela Abro

Raheela’s artistic research practice is based on socio-political issues, for which she mostly deals with the subject matter of laymen, because according to her, this is the best way to express herself, as she is one of them.

She changes the surfaces in every series of her works to express the content of her subject matter. Similarly, the situation and condition of an individual’s social and personal life keep changing with time, which affects its surroundings/society, personal life and thought processes.

Raheela uses birds, animals and still life objects as metaphors of her subject matter and she incorporates traditional miniatures’ characters as well, because her major training was in miniature painting. She follows the traditional technique of making miniature paintings, application of colours (washes) and Pardakht (rendering method), but instead of using only traditional pigments, she usually works with oil and acrylic paints on different surfaces, rather than only on the surface of Vasli (handmade paper for miniature painting).

Her studio practice is the journey of her observations and thoughts, evolved from visuals, views, and reviews which she collects from her surroundings.

  • Name : Raheela Abro
  • Date of Birth : 03-10-1982

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