Sadia Babar
Sadia Babar

I am an Artist because I don’t know any other way to be.
I am an Artist because I have always been able to see,
Beneath the surface.
Between the lines,
Beyond the never,
In search of forever.
I paint; I sculpt; collect little pieces of Life and preserve them in resins and paints; on canvases and boards; in glass and wood.
I write prose and verse to add music to my thoughts and create tunes of the song of my heart.
My paintings are usually accompanied with words.
I roam the streets of the Land I love, and gather fallen, shattered stars to make my Art.
My Art is a product of me and my country; it’s air; it’s water and it’s people who live under my skin and ooze out of my pores
and give me thoughts to paint pictures for the world to see.

  • Name : Sadia Babar
  • Date of Birth : 12-02-1976

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