Sunil Roger
Sunil Roger

Sunil Roger is a visual artist based in Karachi. He has exhibited his work in group shows. He is currently working as a visual artist and creative designer for a USA-based organisation. “Art is an important part of my life; art is my voice, an interpretation of my deepest thoughts.” The paintings he has painted are both visual and conceptual.

As a Creative Lead in a Software House in Karachi, Roger merges his artistic expertise with cutting-edge technology, infusing his creations with a contemporary touch. He teaches drawing and illustration within the Software House, sharing his knowledge and nurturing the artistic
growth of others.

Living and working in Karachi, Pakistan, Roger’s art draws inspiration from the vibrant culture and diverse communities that surround him. By showcasing the beauty and complexity of his
environment, he aims to forge connections and foster understanding among viewers. In summary, Sunil Roger is a multidisciplinary artist and Creative Lead who brings together traditional and digital mediums to portray the realities of life. His work and teachings reflect his passion for art, technology, and the rich tapestry of Karachi, where he resides and creates.

  • Name : Sunil Roger
  • Date of Birth : 04-02-1986

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