Uzma Sultan
Uzma Sultan

Uzma Sultan is a contemporary visual artist known for her unique style that fuses traditional miniature painting with modernist techniques. In her recent works, Sultan’s signature style has evolved to feature crooked figuration, stacks of Tibet powder and cooking oil tins, painted vehicles, and a multiplied bed of charpoys viewed from an impossibly high angle.

Sultan is influenced by the early miniature tradition, which she appropriates by flattening and tipping the horizontal plane upwards and towards the viewer. Her works emphasize the mark-making process, with colors pushed against each other like unhappy lovers.

  • Name : Uzma Sultan
  • Date of Birth : 17-1-1973
  1. Longlisted Jacksons Painting Prize, 2022
  2. Commended artist. Moth Art prize, 2021
  3. Winner, 1st Newsprint Open, Three Works, Scarborough YO11, 2020

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