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Following are the answers, you might be looking for regarding Karachi Art Directory project. If you have any other query or question feel free to email us on [email protected]

Minimum 2 solos and 4 group shows.

Curated minimum 3 exhibitions.

Should have trained under Ustaad (master truck artist), completed work on a truck and have command over at least one of the fields of truck art listed below:

  • Phool Patti
  • Chamak Patti
  • Wood Work
  • Cushion Work
  • Calligraphy

Should have trained in calligraphy under an Ustaad (master) and or follow an Ustaad in Mashk (practice) and have command over at-least two out of the Khats listed below:

  • Naskh
  • Nastalikh – Lahori
  • Natalikh – Delhalvi
  • Thulth
  • Khat-e- Diwani
  • Riqa
  • Khat-e- Farsi

Active for at least the past 3 years.

We are using the criteria of ICA – International Art Critics Association for selection to be listed in KAD. You qualify for KAD if you have written prolifically on art since 3 years and done any of the below:

  • Have published 10 or more reviews.
  • Have published 5 or more long essays.
  • Published a book.
  • Published 3 or more Monographs.

Should be active currently.

Should be active currently.

Should be active currently.

Should be in active circulation.

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