Tazeen Hussain

Tazeen Hussain

Tazeen Hussain

Project Lead & Researcher

Tazeen Hussain is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Communication Design at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. As a researcher, Tazeen Hussain has presented her work at national and international conferences, and published internationally as well. Her current interests include the re-examination of Design Education, it’s conception and evolution, in the Pakistani context, whilst exploring the possibilities of design as an active contributor to the socio-cultural and political landscape.

Additionally, as a practicing artist, Tazeen Hussain’s portfolio includes work in Design, Visual arts, television, theatre, journalism, and activism. Tazeen Hussain has been volunteering her services for projects related to creative and social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, climate change, and merging education and design practice.

CEO - Karachi Biennale Trust

CO - Project Lead

Web Designer & Manager

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